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For FaceID, it’s one in a million

Ghost is a practiced expert in all of this when he’s not busy being a pervert or a perfect imitation of a cadaver, but Scabbard by far takes the cake. And the entire line of cakes. And the line of bakeries that PRODUCE that line of cakes. For FaceID, it’s one in a million. Apple’s iPhone X unlocks by recognizing your face. There’s an infrared camera and about eight other sensors that help with the process, Schiller explains.

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Moby Schtick: In the section set on Starship UK, there’s a plot line involving an alien captain learning of the Star Whale and coming to hunt it; an early attempt causes him to lose a leg, which only makes him more determined. Persuasion Minigame: One of the minigames is this. Reckless Sidekick: Would it be Doctor Who otherwise? One of the final Adventures begins with the Doctor piloting the TARDIS into the Daleks’ central control.

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