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Of course, Fridge Logic goes the other way with works

Sharpened to a Single Atom: The blades used by the Children of Khan in Seeds of Dissent. Shout Out: In The Tears of Eridianus, the only hope for a war torn, hellish Vulcan where Surak never existed is the katra of the ancient poet S’task, who teaches a philosophy called mnhei’sahe. In Diane Duane’s non canonical but beloved Rihannsu novels, S’task was Surak’s former pupil, who abandoned his teacher’s pacifism and left Vulcan with his followers, the Rihannsu (aka the Romulans). whose culture’s guiding principle is a concept called mnhei’sahe. Places of Exile sees Tom Paris refer to the Species 8472 planet destroyer weapon as a wave motion gun. Janeway promptly assumes the description was another of Tom’s obscure twentieth century cultural allusions. Throw the Dog a Bone: According to Word of God, planet Coridan’s prosperous status in The Tears of Eridanus is an example of this, seeing as in the mainstream Star Trek Novel Verse Coridan is the Federation’s Butt Monkey planet. Unwitting Pawn: Kirk in A Less Perfect Union. His attitude towards aliens makes him relatively easy to steer into a Romulan plot aimed against the Earth/Interstellar Coalition negotiations. Also, in A Gutted World, the entire Alpha and Beta quadrants end up Unwitting Pawns to the Founders of High Quality replica Bags the Dominion. What Measure Is a Non Human?: One of the stories is set in a timeline where androids like Data are mass produced for Starfleet. They are considered more disposable than organic officers. Also, in a universe where Khan was victorious, the human augments have established themselves as the dominant power in known space, fuelled by this belief. Some of the racist humans in A Less Perfect Union show a form of it, too. What Measure Is a Non Super?: The empire founded by Khan Noonien Singh. Whole Plot Reference: Honor in the Night tells the story of a journalist trying to find out the meaning behind a famous person’s last words, by talking to a lot of people who knew the deceased, and the whole thing is told in an interlocking non linear flashback structure. Sound familiar?

wholesale replica bags So you’ve got a series or whatever where the characters rarely say anything stronger than “hell” or “damn”, or swear in Unusual Euphemisms or Future Slang, or even do swear more strongly but infrequently. There seems to be this idea that you have to have this in an R rated story. No matter that it’s already got more than enough sex and violence to justify the R, the Obligatory Swearing is obligatory. Also happens to some extent in PG13 rated fics. Fridge Logic ensues when characters swear more strongly than they do in canon in situations less upsetting than they’ve actually been through, and seeing SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents!, or a pony dropping a Cluster F Bomb is nothing if not jarring. Of course, Fridge Logic goes the other way with works involving teenage characters, who don’t swear in canon, even when in massive pain: Even Quentin Tarantino movies are cleaner than five minutes of overhead conversation in the average school cafeteria. wholesale replica bags

high quality replica handbags Absentee Actor: Aidan Gallagher (Nicky) was missing from all but the final few minutes of “This Little Piggy Went to the Harpers”. The reason in universe was that Nicky went to a cooking camp. Accidental Truth: “In Not So Sweet Charity”, the boys were trying to convince some girls that a hot guitarist/singer their age was dating someone, and upon seeing Dawn appearing, claimed it was her. The truth actually led to problems because the parents hated each other and forbade them from even being on each other’s property. Affectionate Parody: Guess what “The Wonderful Wizard of Quads” is based upon? Air Vent Escape: More like sneaking to spy on their siblings. The air vent system was large enough for the father to erect his toy train set. It could also fit the four kids nicely in the same place. Of course, the ceiling also failed when they were together. Always Identical Twins: Averted even though in many cases of quadruplets, there will usually be a set of identical twins. The Kramden quads are two sets of identical twins (played by two sets of identical twins). high quality replica handbags

Designer Replica Bags The album was recorded at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, between 1990 1991, with Butch Vig serving as producer. It saw the development of the band’s sound away from the monochromatic Grunge of Bleach into more diverse styles such as the Hardcore Punk fury of “Territorial Pissings” and “Breed”, and even taking a step into acoustic ballads with “Polly” and “Something in the Way”. Vig had to trick Kurt Cobain on several occasions to accept studio embellishments he otherwise was averse to, such as persuading him to double track his vocals on “In Bloom” by reminding him that John Lennon did so, and repeatedly claiming he needed new takes to achieve the multiple guitar overdubs of “On A Plain”. According to Grohl, Andy Wallace was chosen to mix the album because the band enjoyed the “heaviness” of his work with Slayer, and his contribution to the album’s sound played a part in its success as he improved on the overly gritty, low budget sound of their debut, though Cobain later expressed some Creator Backlash about the polish and commented that Wallace “made it sound like a Mtley Cre record” Designer Replica Bags.

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