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The network’s response was that they would broadcast the pilot

For my parents, the fight for the house finally came to an end where they lost the house. They could have kept it with a refinance but I guess the banks really wanted it and they continually saying they lacked certain papers after every 3 4 month process of submitting everything. They had enough income from social security, veterans benefits, food stamps, etc but the banks just would not play nice.

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Joss Whedon deliberately put several of these in the Firefly pilot, to force the studio to broadcast the show in widescreen format. The network’s response was that they would broadcast the pilot (at the end of the series) in widescreen, so long as he never pulled this stunt again so they could air the rest of the series in 4:3. (A good example of how short sighted the executives who cancelled the show were: less than a decade later, the series thrives exclusively on widescreen DVD, and all broadcasting is done in widescreen.).

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